Changes on the horizon for inheritance tax forms

As a tax advisor, one of my great frustrations is the number of occasions when it appears that forms are completed just for the sake of it. There are several areas of tax where this seems to happen and one such area is inheritance tax. Therefore, I was pleased to see...

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Business Interruption Insurance

Has your business been disrupted by COVID 19? Have you checked your insurance policy to see whether you are covered for losses where your business is severely disrupted or, in more serious situations, been forced to close? Unfortunately, some policies will be worded...

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The Frozen Lifetime Allowance

“In March’s Budget, the Chancellor announced that instead of increasing in line with inflation, the pensions Lifetime Allowance will be frozen at its current level for the next 5 years. Whilst it was not a complete shock that some changes to the tax treatment of...

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Further Covid-19 VAT bill deferral available

With budget day looming at the point of writing, but likely having passed by the time of reading, picking a topic where change is not expected in the short term has been quite a challenge! However, the end of March this year brings about a somewhat unusual deadline...

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