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Today’s working lunch had me heading towards our Cirencester office and a meeting with Ian Sumbler, a man whose knowledge of local pubs and eateries in this area is like having a talking guide book – very handy!  But today we ventured into a café/bar on Castle Street...

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Research and development relief

It is good tax planning across all the various taxes to make sure that you claim any relief’s that you are due, from both a personal and corporate tax point of view. Focussing specifically on corporation tax in this blog, one such valuable but underused corporation...

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It’s the end of the year

With the ‘B’ word looming and a newcomer, the ‘H’ word looking set to impact on the local economy over the next few years, some might be wondering whether it is the end of the world. Times are uncertain for many business and individuals across the region and I hope...

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Being an executor comes with responsibility

Have you been appointed as an executor of an estate? You may not realise that you have until a family member or close friend passes away and either their will appoints you as an executor or you are the person that can apply for probate under the rules of intestacy....

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