Corporate tax services

Running a business means that you have to deal with multiple taxes and a complex tax system.

As tax accountants we’ll help you manage your obligations, meet relevant deadlines and understand what tax needs to be paid and when.

Penalties and interest can be charged for the late filing of returns and late payment of tax. Speaking to us can help mitigate some of these penalties.

Please see some of our corporate tax services below.

Corporation tax return

Limited companies and some unincorporated companies organisations such as clubs, societies and associations, need to send annual corporation tax returns to HMRC. We can make sure the process runs smoothly.

Partnership tax return

Partnerships, including Limited Liability Parnterships, need to send annual tax returns to HMRC, but we can make sure the process runs smoothly.


A lot of people think VAT is the simplest tax to deal with. Actually, it can be the most complex tax operated in the UK.

At Morris Owen, we offer a complete suite of VAT assistance, from using your base accounting records, preparing returns on behalf of the business, to advising on complex transactions.

By talking to you in advance, we can help you minimise the VAT implications and avoid other unwanted tax issues.

Tax enquiries and investigations

Our tax consultants deal with investigations across all taxes and can act as an agent between you and HMRC.

We’ll give you the guidance you need to make it through the investigation process, minimising the time taken by the investigation and possibly reducing any penalties.

Fee protection

In the event that you have an HMRC investigation, our fee protection services gives you peace of mind that you won’t have to face all the associated costs.

This covers the equivalent of £100,000 towards our professional fees resulting from an HMRC enquiry. It also includes comprehensive access to our employment law, health and safety and HR expertise.

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