This workshop will help you understand how businesses are valued and what makes a business attractive to potential buyers. It will look at how you can ensure the best sales value and reduce the costs and time of the sales transaction. The workshop will give you some tools and techniques, which you can put into practice for valuing your own business and increasing its worth.

What subjects will be covered?

  • How businesses are valued?  Some basic concepts
  • What affects sales/transfer value?  The do’s and don’ts
  • Who would buy your business?  And what they are interested in
  • Grooming the business for sale/transfer?  What needs to be done
  • What is your business worth?  Practical tips for valuing your own business
  • How to ensure a smooth transaction?  Be prepared and get the right support
  • Who should attend?  Business owners or directors looking to plan an exit strategy within the next five years, ensuring their business realises its potential.


Event location

Morris Owen
Dyer House
Dyer Street

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