What a way to start the day!  Jenna and I take advantage of our early morning meeting by turning it into a breakfast catch-up.  We decide on some guilt free eating by heading just down the road from our Swindon office to The Core, a café in Old Town which serves great juices, smoothies and healthy food alongside running workshops promoting a healthier lifestyle of nutrition with juicing.  My first deliberation of the day is choosing between the large selection of loose leaf teas before selecting Rhubarb which is new to me, Jenna opts for good old English breakfast, you cannot go far wrong with that.

Then onto what to eat, an easy option for me is the  ‘ultimate core breakfast’ which consists of avocado, spinach, garlic mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, seeded toast and the option to add either poached or scrambled eggs.  Ditching the toast and adding poached eggs it was Jenna’s turn to choose opting for the pancakes (gluten free and vegan) served with a choice of raspberries, blueberries and banana.  After placing our orders Jenna introduces herself The Core owner Kris Talikowski and briefs him on opportunities available at the upcoming Old Town Festival, of which she is Treasurer.

Sipping on our tea and reflecting that all weekdays should begin this way, our food arrives and we tuck in with gusto, every different flavour on my plate is delicious and all works so well together, I’m a big fan of the garlic mushrooms but fear no one will be a fan of me for the rest of the day!  Jenna’s pancakes quickly disappear before my eyes and she sits back contented yet wondering if she should order another batch as they’re so good.

Breakfast and business concluded we head back to the office ready to face the day.