It’s absolutely freezing today as Ian and I head off to find some lunch, I’m hoping we stop quite close to our Cirencester office as the sky looks like it’s threatening to rain too.  Unfortunately our first stop, a local pub, appears to be closed this lunchtime so we continue to walk the block in the biting wind and decide to eat at Toro Lounge.  We’ve both been here before and it is a great venue, looking through the window there’s a few tables left and I am sure since my last visit in 2018 the menu will have changed!

The interior is as quirky as I remember which I really like, there’s an array of brightly coloured lampshades hanging over the bar vying for attention with the industrial lighting and odd oil paintings.  With a good mixture of table sizes combined with sofas, stools and dining chairs there’s plenty of options to get comfortable.  This seems a popular place all round with the locals and I think we may be one of a handful of customers who have neither a baby or a dog in tow.  One small baby seems to take a particular shine to Ian and I wonder if its because they have similar hair!

The menu is fabulous with so much variety, trying to be good on minimum carbs I thought I may struggle to find something for lunch but there were a few options for me and I chose the super-food salad with avocado, tender-steam broccoli, wild rocket, baby gem, edamame beans, spinach, beetroot hummus and tomato salsa while Ian chooses macaroni cheese topped with streaky bacon.

The service is friendly and quick and we are soon tucking into our food, as you can see from the photos my salad is a tasty work of art, strictly I shouldn’t eat the beetroot hummus but oh it tastes good.  Ian says his dish may not look like an eye pleaser but it’s delicious and he’d like a second helping.

Toro 2020 is as great as my experience here two years ago, we certainly won’t leave it so long before a next visit.

Trying to avoid the jellybean jar Ian pays the bill and we make a run for it back to Dyer Street before the need for an umbrella.