Morris Owen are pleased to announce that Tax Consultant Leanne Wootton has gained a further qualification by passing her Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) exams and will shortly become a fully qualified member of STEP.  Leanne has been with the firm since 1994 and adds this qualification to her list, having previously qualified as both a Certified Accountant and a Chartered Tax Advisor.

“It was a difficult challenge studying during COVID. My studying started just before COVID hit so I did not know how this would change the format of the exams,” commented Leanne, continuing “but the area of trusts, estates and inheritance tax has always been one that I have had an interest in and therefore I was determined to gain this qualification, no matter what.”

“This is a great achievement for Leanne, as she already has a wealth of experience in dealing with estates, providing inheritance tax advice to clients, advising on general compliance, planning and inheritance tax implications of trusts.” commented Senior Partner Rob Beale, adding “Passing these exams and gaining the qualification, on top of her other qualifications, demonstrates her commitment to providing a high-quality service to our clients.”

“I am so pleased that I passed each exam first time with good marks. This will go some way to consolidating the work that I already do in this area, as we are licensed to carry out the reserved activity of non-contentious probate.” Leanne added “Having suffered a bereavement a couple of years ago, I know what a difficult time it can be and I want to be able to support executors and take away some of the stress this role comes with, especially where the executor is a family member”.

If you have anything in the area of trusts, estates or inheritance tax that you would like to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact Leanne directly.