Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) is something which we are all aware of with the many advertisements on the radio and TV. More recently the focus has been on the deadline for making claims which is 29 August 2019.

It has recently come to light that it is possible that PPI claim management companies may change who they pursue claims for once the above deadline has passed.

They could start to look at making claims on behalf of beneficiaries of estate’s. If such a claim is successful it could mean beneficiaries, that are that way inclined, could point the finger at the executor claiming that the estate was not properly managed. This would be on the basis that at the time the estate was dealt with, reasonable steps should have been taken to ensure that a review was undertaken to establish whether any compensation was due.

Potentially, the only way executors can protect themselves from such a claim is to have documentary evidence that they either made full investigations as to whether any compensation was due, or that from the evidence at the time the estate was dealt with they had no reason to suspect that the deceased would have been due any such compensation.

This is not necessarily a big issue, and may just be speculation, but given the blame culture that we live in executors, need to be aware of the possibility that this could be the way that PPI companies take their focus once the deadline has passed. Therefore anyone appointed as an executor needs to ensure that they do everything they can to protect themselves from not just this, but any potential claims of mal-administration of an estate.