Some of you may have noticed that Morris Owen now has a Facebook page. Being late to the party I think it is safe to say there were some reservations here about where a professional firm’s place is on the largest social media platform. There is no denying that, on a personal basis, it is a great tool for keeping in touch and sharing life events with your friends and family. But where does a firm of accountants fit in?

With around 60% of the UK population in 2016 having user accounts, which is evenly spread between male and female users, it likely that the majority of our client base are actively using Facebook. Therefore would it not be fair to say that prospective clients could also be here? A business page can be set up quite easily and from personal experience is where my friends and family have started to share word of mouth about the new venture they are starting. Seeing as this is one of our specialities, the information we can share about what we do here at Morris Owen and who is involved has massive reach potential.

Our other social media platforms share any relevant business and industry updates which we deem relevant for our client base along with the services we provide, promoting our free business workshop and resources on our website. With the personal element, Facebook opens the door for us to be able to show the people behind the service with events such as work anniversaries and birthdays.

After some very useful (and much needed!) social media training from Total Swindon, our Facebook page went live nearly three months ago. From a personal point of view, the engagement rate compared to our other social media sites has definitely been higher which is more rewarding. Currently our organic followers are 77 leaving plenty of room to grow, so I will definitely take this opportunity to ask you, if you wish, to please like and/or share our page here.