With eating out seeming a distant memory on lockdown, although hardly important in the grand scheme of things, more and more people are rekindling their culinary skills.  This week I have seen food photos from Morris Owen employees, currently working from home, displaying chocolate chip cookies, syrup sponge, crème egg chocolate brownies and tomato & basil soup with mozzarella and chorizo.  That’s all good if you can get the ingredients!

Whist Covid-19 has brought to our attention more than ever that we take for granted the convenience of the large supermarket, it’s staff and home delivery shopping, it has to be said that there are many small companies providing a fabulous food serve in the area.  They always have been, it’s just with these current times their services are coming more to people’s attention.

For example here in Swindon local fruit and vegetable suppliers S&R Fruits are taking orders to bring fresh fruit and veg boxes plus milk & eggs direct to your door.  Lynwood & Co, who have cafés in Lechlade, Fairford, Burford and Carterton also offer a home delivery service with cakes, coffee, and pre prepared meals such as beef ragu lasagne alongside the basic necessities such as eggs, bread, fruit and veg.

If, like me, your cooking skills are never going to get you onto the first round of masterchef there are still some restaurants open locally now providing just a take away/delivery service such as The Maharajah Indian restaurant in Purton and looking to the future, hopefully not too distant, Los Gatos in Old Town is selling food gift vouchers ready for when you can start socialising again!