Well this is a Cirencester blog lunch first! Today Ian and I are joined by Nick Waloff and Chris Leibbrandt of Cotswold Taste Limited a not for profit co-operative that amongst many other things is intended to help consumers choose food and drink which comes directly from the ‘food chain’ which makes the Cotswolds a special place, and which has such an impact on its environment.

Unlike Ian and I, Nick has had the fortune of eating at Jesse’s Bistro a few times before and so knows what to expect. The entrance of this eatery is hidden away just off of Black Jack Street at The Stableyard, which is extremely quaint. Inside the restaurant is cool and spacious which is great considering the unusual heatwave we have been experiencing, the tables are set out with plenty of room between diners which enhances the dining experience.

There’s a varied selection of food on the menu which all seems mouthwatering, Ian went for the beer battered cornish haddock, minted crushed peas and hand cut chips, Nick and Chris both chose smoked chicken and bacon tagliatelle whilst I opted for roasted heritage vegetables with polenta, sage ricotta and salsa verde. Our guests confirmed that their meals were as good as they looked with Chris particularly liking the flavor of the smoked chicken. I didn’t need to double check with Ian what he thought of his meal as he polished off his plate with no effort and I was more than happy with my choice. Having not had polenta before I was especially pleased to learn from Google that it is a low carb food rich in vitamin A and C which I would have counted as grounds to have a pudding but I was too full!

On a busy time schedule we left Nick and Chris to enjoy coffees and dessert to head back to the office, with Ian stopping on the way out to enquire the latest evening dining times which means that Jesse’s Bistro was definitely a hit for him and no doubt he will be taking his wife there sometime soon!