Are you due a tax refund and have received a letter from HMRC asking for you to verify who you are?

If so, you would not be judged for thinking that this is just another way that scammers are trying to get your personal details.

However, HMRC have confirmed that they are sending letters to certain taxpayers that are due tax refunds asking for information to be sent to them so that they can confirm that the claim is genuine.

HMRC undertakes routine checks and where their risk indicators suggest that the claim may not be legitimate, additional information is requested.

There are two letters that will be issued in these circumstances. The first basically checks that the taxpayer, or their agent, made a repayment claim using the taxpayer’s unique taxpayer reference (UTR). If HMRC hear nothing, then the repayment is cancelled, and the UTR is closed to prevent it being used again.

The second letter will be sent where the taxpayer has confirmed to HMRC that they did make a claim, having responded to the first letter, and they will then be asked to provide evidence of their identity and complete a Repayment Questionnaire.

If you are unsure whether the letter that you have received is a genuine letter from HMRC, the letters are on the list of genuine contacts from HMRC that can be found here

It is also worth remembering that HMRC never send texts about refunds and if you get an unexpected letter about a tax refund it is always worth checking that the letter is genuine.

If you have received a letter from HMRC, whether relating to the above, or any other matter, that you need assistance with please do not hesitate to contact us.