With the Royal Wedding fast approaching it seemed appropriate to dine somewhere with a regency feel….any excuse for a nice lunch out really! So Ian and I, with a limited amount of time for lunch, crossed the road from the office and a couple of steps later were in the Kings Head.

This charming building hosts much more than just a hotel and restaurant.  There is a vaulted Spa, underground music club and you can even enjoy cellar cinema nights!  But we were there just for the serious business of eating.  We decided to eat in the bar area and placed our orders immediately for soft-shelled crab served with Asian salad, wasabi, pickled mooli and Potato Gnocchi with wild mushroom, butternut squash, rosary goat’s cheese and smoked pumpkin seeds.

The food set before looked glorious and I was delighted my serving looked delicate compared to Ian’s and meant I would not be feeling guilty at enjoying every last morsel.  Ian had the last laugh however, I hadn’t really thought it through that the crab would be whole and while I savoured the flavours with eyes half closed Ian was reminding me of the pincers and legs!  Still, I cleared my plate and while Ian thoroughly enjoyed his meal too it was such a large serving that he couldn’t finish the dish.

With a quick turnaround we back to our front door in Dyer Street in next to no time, another successful lunch and I might even have room for a biscuit by 4 o’clock!