I have a new ‘working lunch companion’ joining me today, well when I say new it’s the first time I have been for lunch with him since he became a partner and we are heading off to eat somewhere we have eaten together before albiet in a big group of friends, on an evening, after a couple of drinks elsewhere first!

Il Capricorno has been around since 1998 and in fact was the first restaurant I visited after moving to Swindon some 10 years ago. Being a large restaurant able to seat plenty of guests only the front half of the restaurant was open for lunchtime traffic. This restaurant seems a very popular choice with people coming in to book for the evening and over the phone in the short time we were there.

They have a fantastic offer on here from the lunch menu with a choice of main and home made dessert for just £6.95, alternatively you can still choose from their daily specials board or the main menu. This lunch menu offers a great deal of choice so it seemed the accountant like option to order from this! The thing is with Italian food it’s all going to go straight to the hips so you may as well just order what you like an enjoy it! I chose lasagne and Dave, who had been pining for a pizza since we discussed having lunch, went for a pepperoni one. As you can see from the photos these two options were a cheese feast! You couldn’t see the pepperoni on the pizza for the amount of cheese covering it and I have never eaten a lasagne like it – don’t get me wrong I love cheese and the lasagne was great, annoyingly, so I wasn’t tempted to leave any of it.

With the final slice of pizza devoured the options for dessert were presented to us and I chose the classic tirramasu whilst Dave opted for a Limonchello tiramasu, so full was I that I could barely reach across the table to take a photo of both desserts hence the crop shot and bad photography above. Dave ate up all his pudding but I was defeated and couldn’t finish it all.

I would certainly recommend Il Capricorno for great value and service and you will definitely need a good appetite!