Fed up with looking at lettuce leaves I was coaxed into choosing a ‘push the boat out’ lunch on my most recent trip to Cirencester.

Ian and I headed to Toro Lounge on this bright but cold lunchtime and I was pleasantly surprised to discover even more shops and eateries just off Dyer Street.  I am beginning to form a mental picture of what Ian’s weekends must consist of as he seems to have visited nearly all of these places with his wife and can always be relied upon for a menu recommendation.

This café lounge bar is airy and comfortable with a great deal of seating both downstairs and up and boasts a roof terrace which I’ve been told is often packed out even on the colder days so this place sounds popular.  I’m not only enchanted by the mixture of décor with industrial lights verses lampshades, colourful tables and some ‘interesting’ art but I think my favourite bit is the animal element, there were at least four different tables of diners each able to enjoy a meal with their furry friends sitting patiently at their feet.

To top it all the service was quick, polite and friendly and the food was delicious, on recommendation I had the homemade smoked salmon fishcake with a poached egg, hollandaise sauce and fries while Ian choose a steak sandwich.  The poached egg was cooked to perfection and the yolk trickled into the fishcake as I cut into it.  Ian devoured his steak sandwich and thankfully most of my fries as I was feeling rather full, which is great news perhaps the January diet is finally shrinking my appetite!