It’s the end of the year

With the ‘B’ word looming and a newcomer, the ‘H’ word looking set to impact on the local economy over the next few years, some might be wondering whether it is the end of the world. Times are uncertain for many business and individuals across the region and I hope...

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Being an executor comes with responsibility

Have you been appointed as an executor of an estate? You may not realise that you have until a family member or close friend passes away and either their will appoints you as an executor or you are the person that can apply for probate under the rules of intestacy....

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Bathurst Arms

Lunching out further afield today.  On the way back from a client, Ian suggested stopping at the Bathurst Arms in North Cerney, yet another pub he has already visited!  This pretty pink inn built in 1699 sits beside the River Churn in beautiful Cotswold countryside....

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Child benefit – make sure you claim

Most people will be aware that where you have a child under the age of 16 (or under the age of 20 if in approved education or training) you will be entitled to claim child benefit. The majority of people will also be aware that if a person’s income is above £50,000...

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HMRC delays issuing late tax return penalties

Everyone will be aware that HMRC issues late filing penalties to anyone that does not submit their tax return by the filing deadline, which for many was 31 January 2019 for the year ended 5 April 2018. Usually these penalties are issued in February, however this year...

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