Wealth management

Morris Owen independent financial advisers and chartered financial planners* offer a wealth management service which takes all of the various planning and service levels we offer – and consolidates them into one package.

Within this approach you can also access our Monitored Portfolios whereby we apply an on-going process to construct a portfolio of funds tailored for your needs.  To find out how we can help you call Ian Dowdell on 01793 603900 or email ian.dowdell@morrisowen.com.

We consult highly regarded professional service companies to create both an asset allocation model and a selection of investment funds. 

Then, we apply our own investment principles based upon our experience and knowledge of our clients and amend the results as appropriate.

We review the portfolio every quarter.

This means our clients have our most up to date thinking as well as achieving a pro-actively structured process. 

The portfolio assessments then form a central part of our regular reviews along with any changes in circumstances. It also enables us to identify specific issues in the interim period and to recommend any necessary actions.

The benefits of this approach are:

  • the use of a specialist core vehicle known as a WRAP
  • a clear and defined structure applied to all aspects of planning
  • consistent investment approach applied across all of your needs
  • a range of Risk-rated Monitored Portfolios reviewed every quarter to ensure current investment principles are maintained
  • on-line access for allowing you to view your entire portfolio with ‘real time’ valuations.

* Morris Owen independent financial advisers is a division of Morris Owen chartered accountants.

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